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Caregiver Spotlight

Jennifer - A caregiver at Always at Home CareRaymond Lenocker

Raymond grew up around the Portland area working in his grandmother’s group homes.  After high school and college he decided that he wanted a career where he could help the disabled and elderly in the community. 

Raymond and his wife live in the Portland area – they have 3 children and 3 grandchildren.  Raymond enjoys a good comedy movie, fishing and the beach.  His favorite foods are Chinese, steak and fruit.  Raymond likes to travel to Hawaii. 

His favorite part of working for Jill & Always At HomeCare is the people he has met- from the clients to the office staff.  "My personal motto is that I like to work for a cause, not for applause." 

Thank-you Raymond for all that you do for Always at HomeCare!
We appreciate you!